Georgian evening/Georgia õhtu

Kell 18:00
Asukoht: Lille 10, Tartu,

Estonian Green Movement invites everyone to spend a pleasant evening together at Tartu Nature House (Tartu Loodusmaja) on Wednesday, 26th April.

Among other daily topics, Estonian Green Movement is closely connected to Georgia and its quest to increase the hydropower capacity produced in the country. This and other environmental topics connecting Estonia and Georgia will be the defining features of this discussion evening.

You should join in, if...

·         ...you are curious, why on earth are Estonians working on Georgian issues

·         ...you are eager to hear from others and share your own experiences regarding environmental issues in your/their country

·         ...you are interested what does it have to do with money?

·         ...you like tea and cookies and you don’t currently have them at home J

The event will be held in English.